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City Bike?A city bike is a bike that is suitable for your typical day to day use, such as getting to school, work and to the shops.
Dutchie?The most popular model since the 19s. A Ladies Roadster or Grandmabike is a typical Dutch touring bike with an upright cycling position, an easy entry and a wide handlebar. There is also an Gent’s Roadster variant, which is characterized by the single or double tube at the top.
Hybrid Bike?A Hybrid Bike is a combination of a city bike and a sports bike, always equipped with gears. Good for traveling or traveling in a comfortable way.
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?A children's bicycle is often your child's first real bicycle. A bicycle without training wheels, with which your child is part of the traffic. On the cycle path or on the right side of the road, whether or not under the wings of mum or dad.
Moms Bike?A mother's bicycle is made to transport children. The bike has a low entry and is equipped with an extra strong frame to handle more weight during your ride and to keep cycling smoothly.
Race Bike?The racing bike is especially designed for speed. So if you are a speed monster and if you like to be outdoors? Then a race bike is the bike for you.
Mountainbike?Want to go into the forest? The mountain bike is a bicycle made for riding off-road, on unpaved roads or trails. Mountain bikes have thick tires with a profile for comfort and extra grip. GO! GO! GO!
Funky Bike?A selection of not everyday bicycles or the so called “outsiders”.
Transportbike?The transport bike is designed especially for the transport of goods. These bikes are typically sturdier than regular bicycles. You can often recognize this bike by the thick frame and the front carrier with (wicker) crate.
Foldable Bike
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?A folding bicycle can be folded to a smaller size within seconds, so that it can be taken on public transport easily and FREE of charge. Perfect for avoiding that transfer and shortening your travel time.
Beachcruiser?The beach cruiser can be easily recognized by its streamlined appearance, low saddle position and wide handlebars. You can easily customize this bike with accessories, chrome or beautiful rims; so you can look like the pimp of your neighborhood.
E-bike?An electric bicycle. This bicycle has a battery and an electric auxiliary motor that provides pedal assistance or functions independently. This allows you to “cycle” without pedaling.
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